ImageOur door lock died this morning.  The latch seized-up and refused to move, leaving our door permanently locked.  I pulled the assembly apart, ready to perform surgery with WD-40 and some screwdrivers, but within minutes I was forced to make the call.  It was time for professionals to get involved.  I MacGirlvered the door shut with a bungee cord, roll of duct tape, and a hammer, and jumped into the van.  

Thankfully, the local hardware store opens early, and armed with a plastic bag of the parts displayed above plus some screws and other assorted bits and pieces, I sought a second opinion. 

“It’s broken.” 

I had an inkling that would be the diagnosis.  Official time of death: 7:43 am CDT.

“But,” the helpful lock specialist continued, “you’re in luck.  This particular brand has a lifetime warranty.  You can get a brand new one right now…no cost.”

Music to my ears!  So, now we have a shiny new working lock that cost only elbow grease and a bit of time for the locksmith to rekey.  Yippee! 

Bonus: Same exact model, so not only should we get ~10 years of use out of it (judging from its predecessor’s lifetime) but it was also a breeze to install.  No drills, or chisels, or sanding necessary.


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