They grow up so fast…

Mrs. Robinson has been diligently looking after her two baby chicks.  It’s hard to believe how quickly they’ve grown over the past 4 days.  The skinny like skin-and-bone birds are now sporting spotted, speckled tufts and feathers.  I managed to snap a shot of the nest while Mrs. Robinson was off tracking down a worm.


Baby robins on May 13th.


Mrs. Robinson wasn’t too happy with my paparrazo tendencies when she got back, and gave me quite the look when she settled in.


The “Momma Glare”

Turns out, another family of feathered friends decided to move in two gutter-spouts down.  Unfortunately, they aren’t very good with nest construction.  Compared to Mrs. Robinson’s Penthouse Pad, these poor little house sparrows are building a lean-to shanty that must violate more than a few bird-zoning ordinances.  And I can attest to the fact that it’s not structurally sound…the poor thing has fallen apart more than once.  I have to give the “Jack and Jill” Sparrow some credit, though.  They are persistent.


Sparrow work-in-progress



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