I’m no longer the lone female in an all-male household! My husband and I just welcomed a baby girl to the family, and we have a 4-year-old ball of energy who love sports, books, and science. My father-in-law lives with us, and helps manage our menagerie of two beagles, a Brittany spaniel, and an English Setter.

Tree hugging

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Most days, I work from home as my alter-ego, Chemistry Girl. I wish I had a super-hero cape and a cool symbol. I don’t even wear a lab coat or goggles (although I have a few lying around, just in case…). Mostly, I write A LOT of technical reports and spend time reviewing data. I tend to geek out at science stuff. My favorite element is Tungsten. And a not-so-secret secret: I have a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry.

I also write fiction (contemporary and Regency romance) and the occasional poem. I like the creativity (and being free from all the third-person, passive voice, past tense technical requirements). I overuse commas and adverbs, and then I edit.

In what spare time I have left, I read (1+ book/week goal), garden, sew, cook, and do a horrible job of keeping the house clean. I love chai tea, hate capers (the food kind, not the fun kind), and prefer grey to gray (it just looks prettier that way).

This blog is a mixture of all my interests: literary, music, food, and anything that strikes my fancy.  Welcome and Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

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Short Bio: Katrina grew up in New Hampshire and has been migrating westward ever since. Now a Californian, she work as a technical chemistry consultant, and writes YA and adult contemporary and historical romance.



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